Medical Project

The free medical clinic was launched in 1983 and has been providing free vaccinations, health check-ups, AID awareness, and family planning information since then.

Health fair:

Every year BHPP invites specialized doctors from neighboring hospitals to check patients having specific health-related issues. If you are in the medical field and wish to volunteer,please[work with us page link here]. BHPP also transports women over the age of 40 to a local hospital to receive routine cancer check-ups and treatments.
Nutrition workshops: One of BHPPs’ supporters, BODHI trust[link here],One of BHPP’s supporters, BODHI trust [link here], funds nutrition and cooking classes in the slums to encourage healthy eating habits. Staff or community members volunteer to teach and prepare a healthy, inexpensive dish every 3 months that the attendees can introduce into their diets.

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