child development

Balwadi educational classes:

The Balwadi education classes are for children ages 2-5 and directly benefit over 100 children throughout the 7 slum localities in Pune. Lessons are designed in both Marathi and English by a well trained staff to ensure a strong educational foundation for the children that will motivate them to continue learning. Due to the country-wide ban on examinations until 6th standard, children are not studying as much as they should so the school dropout rate has increased. The Balwadi classes prepare children prior to entering formal education classes so that they will not fall behind in their lessons. At a young age, the brain can absorb more information so it is important to start education at an early age.

Crèche education:

Crèche are day-long and benefit 60 children in the slums from the poorest families where there is no one home during the day. The children who attend are often malnourished prior to entering the crèches. BHPP provides nutritious meals and snacks to help the children grow and learn in a positive environment.

Study Classes:

Many children in the slums drop out of school at a young age due to lack of motivation or funds to pay tuition fees. The study classes are a form of supplementary education that help children study and complete their homework in an encouraging environment where they receive aid from teachers and peers. In this way, children gain confidence in their study skills and are motivated to stay in school and seek a higher education. There are currently 5study classes, providing opportunities for 120 children.

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