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a few words about us

BHPP provides children, adolescent girls, women, minority groups, widows, dropouts and tribal’s from seven slum localities in Pune with the opportunity to receive an education and become aware of social and economic development opportunities. The various programs that BHPP runs include: a free medical clinic, self help group, study classes, sewing and jewellery-making classes, computer skills and Spoken English classes., Beauty parlour classes, Day Care Centre. All of which will allow women to gain new skills, obtain stable jobs, or develop their own small businesses. Additionally, BHPP runs study and education classes for children and adolescents in the slums to motivate them to seek a higher education.


BHPP was established in 1982 with the aim to provide welfare for the residents of 7 slum locations in Dapodi, Pune. The slums are currently home to over 60,000 people and continue to expand as more migrants from rural areas come in search of work.

Our Vision

To create a new society for the benefit of those regardless of caste gender and religion, who are exploited, ignored, backward, and deprived of basic human rights and on the basis of fundamental human values enable them to find the strength to fulfill their true potential.

Our Mission

  • To spread awareness about freedom, equality fraternity and justice
  • To provide education and health services
  • To create awareness of the importance of education and good health
  • To cultivate art and culture
  • To create a society based on morality and personal independence
  • To create self-confidence and empowerment in exploited, ignored people in society.

Our work approach

  • Working with local groups and at community level.
  • Operating as resource center.

Work is spread across 15 vasti of Pune and Pimpari Chinchwad Corporation area of Maharashtra. BHPP work is divided in three community programmatic units- Women, Children and Health.

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Our Team members

Project Coordinator

Dh. Karunadeepa

  • Overall Coordination
  • CSR Coordination (this will also be done with Curriculum Programme Manager)
  • Regular Field Visits to all programmes
  • Monitoring of Outcomes
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Arranging  and facilitating Monthly staff meetings
  • Meeting with Community and Curriculum Managers and SHG Manager to monitor programs.
  • Meeting with above plus the accountant monthly to review Budget against Outcomes and Activities
  • Ensuring all Managerial and Monitoring Structures operating
  • Ensuring herself and all staff commit to training, mentoring, assessment (competency as Capacity Builders) and exposure visits
  • Arrange Trust meetings and speed up Trust Registration and FCRA

Project Manager for Community Development and Leadership

Mrs. Manisha Barge

SHG Supervisor and Capacity Builder of existing and new groups and working in Coordination with both Programme Managers

Dh. Abhayshree

  • SHGs Management
  • To establish new SHGs group with young women’s in new localities.
  • Managing day to day financial affairs of SHGs and Federation.
  • To organize exposure visits to local NGOs dealing with SHGs groups Training programme for SHG Leaders leading to autonomy
  • Training Programmes for SHG Leaders to access Govt Schemes & disseminate information amongst all SHGs in coordination with Curriculum and Community Development Managers
  • Motivating SHG to Start Business and livelihood in coordination with Curriculum and Community Development Managers
  • To implement the training schemes to motivate and train selected SHGs leadership members.
  • Survey of new& existing  area to start new SHG for young women  and Minority group
  • Fund Raising.

Program Manager for Youth Development and Curriculum of Vocational and Entrepreneurial Skills

Sandeep Asawale

  • Establish Milestones for Activities/Sub activities
  • Plan the programmer with co-coordinator
  • Leading up and mobilizing resources and program teams with jeevak staff.
  • Develop curriculum design.
  • To organize cultural and sports programs for youths.
  • Conduct Gender Sensitization workshop for young Men and Women  
  • To give hand holding support to field workers for organizing / conducting meetings.

Community Developer and Mobilizer assisting Community Development Manager

Dh. Shantida

  • To organize meetings in all localities regarding the rights of women’s.
  • To prepare reports of meeting.
  • To collect data of survey regarding the rights of women’s of SC, ST and minority groups from all localities.
  • To visit local NGO those are working with Rights of women’s for exposure.
  • To select women’s from each as community leader.
  • To conduct /organize trainings per year for developing skills of community leader.
  • To develop material, posters, books, regarding rights, PPT etc for awareness program.
  • As per the requirement develop skills of field worker regarding rights based knowledge and skills.
  • Fund raising.

Field Worker

Mrs. Shashikala Balasure

  • To organize meetings in all localities regarding vocational trainings.
  • To take initiatives for capacitate women’s in one year through spoken English, Basic computer, Mehandi, sewing class, Jewellery etc.
  • To prepare list of interested women’s for different vocational training through meetings and home visits.
  • Prepare related documents of vocational trainings.
  • To organize visits at vocational training place and monitor the progress of classes.
  • To capacitate self skills through classes and try to conduct classes.
  • To organize exposure visits to local organization dealing with vocational trainings.
  • To develop self skills of women’s vocational trainings and business trainings.
  • Fund raising



  • To ensure daily cash and bank balances are maintained.
  • To prepare monthly and quarterly financial statements
  • To assist secretary in computerised reporting.
  • To prepare budget monitoring report.
  • To assist in conducting internal & external audit.
  • Writing all vouchers and feeding in the computer and filing.
  • All Bank transactions.
  • Upgrade  accounting skills through training
  • Prepare monthly budget monitoring statement for presentation at monthly meeting with Coordinator, SHG Manager, Curriculum and Community Development Managers to monitor spending on activities and outcomes.

Driver and outdoor work

Mr. Santosh Salve

  • To drive the staff for activity, monitoring and exposure visits.
  • Outdoor  work of banking  & posting
  • To look after building maintenance &tax
  • Surveys – Base-line in 2016 for next funding cycle
  • Fundraising – attending workshop
  • Office stationery sanitation material purchasing.
  • Maintenance and insurance of Vehicle.
  • To pay Electricity Bill, Phone /e-mail bills.
  • others